Present Day St Barnabas Church






                                                 St Barnabas Penny Lane      

Since first completed in 1914,  the St Barnabas Church has undergone a number of modifications. Initially these related to the provision of stained glass windows and War Memorials. Of particular interest is the large East Window which was the main church memorial to World War 1. Perhaps uniquely, it features members of the armed forces, a number of them injured. The most recent (2005) stained glass window to be installed was the Book of Common Prayer window in memory of the Bibby sisters, long term members of the church.

In the early 1930s, the Chapel of St Mary, mother of St Mark, was modfied with the provision of a new holy table, communion rails, and the replacement of the chairs with bench pews.

With the changes in litergical practice in the 1960s, following the removal of pews at the east end of the nave,  a nave altar and communion rails were installed.

Due to high running costs, St Barnabas had to sell its church hall on Penny Lane in the mid 1960s. So the church was left without any community facilties. To overcome this problem  a small kitchen was installed in 1999 and the pews were progessively removed at the west end of the church to create a large open space which was finally completed on 2010.

Originally  the 1914 St Barnabas church tower had been designed to hold 8 bells but due to cost pressures only one bell was installed. In 2010, a new peal of 8 bells were installed using bells recycled from closed churches.